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Color Comics_Patent-WebWelcome to KidInventor site!, also known as Kid Inventor ®, is a platform specialized on the products, resources, and networking for people’s, especially young people’s, hands-on learning, team-up projects, talent education, creativeness development and invention practices.

Kid Inventor ®, is a HOME for both creative people and people who support or contribute to other people’s passions. We bring students and professionals together in one special community!

Students can post their creatives, works, artworks, projects, ideas and inventions on KidInventor site for free. It’s a show stage for creative people, especially youngsters and students from elementary to university post-graduate, to show their talent, creativity or potential capability from technology, product design, art, films, toys, games, fashion, books, music, performance, to events.

KidInventor is also a home to discover what are people passionate about around the world and how to get involved in its early stage. Pro Members, such as tech pros, scientist, educators, entrepreneurs, lawyers, investors, schools, businesses and government agencies can join the site as Advisers, Editors, Supporters, and Contributors with free site pages, portfolio and ad posts. Get your business explored by these creative kids who need your help!

Members also can sign up a free Vendor/Supplier’s Account to sell their products and services online. Kid Inventor ®, is a marketplace specialized on the products and resources for children’s cognition, hands-on learning, talent education, creation, and invention practice, such as toys, games, books, lab kits, creative kits, inventive materials, hobbies, educational movies, computerized learning tools and software.

Kid Inventor® company has been established in Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California, the world center of innovation, since year 2000. Kid Inventor® mark is the company’s official registered trademark at US Patent and Trademark Office.

The Mission of KidInventor site is to provide the best platform for children’s learning and talent development needs, and create more Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates and Elon Musk in the future!

Make your kids to be the next Kid Inventors!