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Film: The Creative Life of Silicon Valley Kids and Their Parents



1. Contribute $10 or More: A KidInventor Sponsor Certificate and the Film Link

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4. Contribute $500 or More: A Signed VIP Certificate and Film CD, and list your name on the Sponsor List on the Film.

5. Contribute $1,000 or More: A Signed VIP Certificate, list your name on the TOP of Sponsor List on the Film, and an interview in the Film. Be a star!

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Product Description

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This is a Documentary Film for the Creative Life of Kids and Their Parents in Silicon Valley California. From the film, people will see how the family, schools and environment affect the creative activities and invective thinking of these kid today.

It will give public a new vision and understanding what the future education model could be.


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Total Backers0
Total Sum$0.00
Start DateSeptember 3, 2016
End DateDecember 10, 2016
Time RemainingThe campaign ended 1 year, 10 months, 6 days, 17 hours, 9 minutes, 40 seconds ago
Time Remaining
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