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There are two ways doing so

There are two ways doing so

You have the capitalist ways, that is and then make agriculture higher-size because of the implanting capitalism into the farming – a method which results in the brand new poverty of one’s peasantry and you can toward development of capitalist companies inside farming. I deny by doing this since in conflict with Soviet economy.

There was another way: the brand new socialist way, which is introducing collective facilities and you can condition farms to your agriculture, how which leads to uniting the little peasant farms towards the large cumulative facilities, due to their machinery and you may medical ways of farming, and ready developing next, getting particularly farms is capable of expanded breeding.

And so, practical question stands the following: each one way or even the most other, either right back – to capitalism, otherwise forward – in order to socialism. There’s not, and cannot become, people 3rd ways.

The concept away from “equilibrium” is actually a you will need to indicate a third ways.

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