EP 31 Unique Little Sis versus. Were unsuccessful Big brother

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EP 31 Unique Little Sis versus. Were unsuccessful Big brother

EP 31 Unique Little Sis versus. Were unsuccessful Big brother

Asta was caught up by the Noelle, Finral, Zell, and you will Domina and you can instantly taken to new Witches’ Tree! After they be able to sneak in, it find Vanessa at the legs of your own King whom says they will every slide.

EP eight The fresh new Battleground Decision

Although the Queen was scary, this woman is the least of its worries whenever both the Third Eye and the Diamond Empire assault new Witches’ Tree! Providing to help manage the fresh new forest, they generate a take on the fresh King in order to repair Asta’s hands.

EP 8 Flames away from Hatred

The fight gets hotter as Asta plus the Black colored Bulls face the new annoyed flamed-right up Fana! Nevertheless when the woman flame will get too sensuous and you can begins affecting Vanessa and you can Finral’s wonders, it’s as much as Noelle to utilize this lady liquid secret in order to cool anything regarding!

EP 9 Defectors’ Atonement

Zell is actually against their previous youngsters-Ladros and you will Mars! Both of these possess an abundance of reinforcements and you will strong overall performance and may also only exceed the former teacher. But correct in the event the race looks shed, Mars unexpected situations visitors!

EP 10 New Promised Community

An unexpected reunion can result in recovery inside heated competition! Asta and you can Mars endeavor top-by-front side to go up up against Fana therefore the strong Salamander.

EP twelve Beyond the Smallest

An effective devilish electricity awakens inside Asta. Do the guy feel the electricity to handle it, otherwise can it usually end up being his undoing?

EP fourteen I am Domestic

The new King away from Witches acknowledges the girl defeat at Vanessa’s hands and you can voluntarily provides up the miracle stone. However, Asta with his nearest and dearest know there is certainly more on rocks in addition to reputation for the kingdom than it actually ever realized!

EP 18 The fresh new Briar Maiden’s Depression

The fresh Chief of the Bluish Rose Knights is ready to let you know the lady thorns when she starts attracting the incorrect type of focus on festival.

EP 19 Two The new Stars

It is time to declare the fresh new score of celebrities! Hence Wonders Knight team may come out on ideal? And who’ll surprise everyone? When the brand new king makes their appearance, he announces an exciting the fresh enjoy-a contest to your Magic Knights!

EP 21 Saint Elmo’s Flames

Without any mana, there is absolutely no ways Asta causes it to be to reach the top out-of this volcano! That is, except if they can manage their magic fuel. Whenever people ultimately will make it to reach the top, that may only suggest things-time for a soak!

EP twenty-four Intense Competition

It’s time with the contest discover…beautiful? Just like the Magna and Sol deal with the wonderful-obsessed Kirsch, the brand new Black colored Bulls are showing they have been a team really worth reckoning having.

EP twenty five Mage X

Rill surprises men because of the entering the competition! Will be knights happy to deal with a secret Knight chief? Otherwise commonly Rill build anyone concern a great captain’s opportunities? Meanwhile, Chance and you may Klaus get ready to start the first fits.

It’s a combat between brothers since Finral and you can Langris face off! However, a dark colored stamina is based on Langris that could quickly turn the battle.

EP 31 The life span out of a certain Boy

In the event the Black Bulls part of to avoid Langris from coping a last blow to help you Finral, the brand new Wizard Queen needs the fight between Asta and you may Langris happen in the semi-finals! It’s Party B as opposed to Team G observe who is premium, and you may who’ll endure!

EP 30 Clover Video clips: New Nightmarish Charmy Unique!

Whenever you are everything is heating regarding contest, Charmy is having her very own unsafe stumble on! Better, within her fantasies at least. Plan an event filled with appeal…y, la!

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EP 43 This new Future

Yami rushes in order to Julius’s front side as the Wizard King’s fight with Licht pulls so you can an almost. Yuno’s cluster approaches the midst of the latest terrorist’s hideout.

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