Product Description

The First Light Kit brings together everything a beginner needs to get off to a successful start observing the sky. The kit contains The Night Sky, our uniquely designed low-distortion star finder (planisphere), Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars, our award winning introduction to observational astronomy, and Sky Atlas for Small Telescopes and Binoculars, our sky atlas designed specifically for beginners with small optics, and our Night Reader , our specially designed red light for reading the chart in the dark without depleting your night vision. With this kit you will be finding constellations, galaxies, globular clusters, double stars, nebulae and more in no time at all.
This kit is the perfect companion resource for use with a new telescope or binoculars. Packaged in a handsome box the kit includes all of the above with detailed instructions for using each of the tools in the kit and access to our website for additional tools such as our Planet Locator, Moon Phase Calendar, observing log, and a table of the best meteor showers.
For greatest accuracy the kits are specific to the latitude you will be viewing from. See the map image above for help selecting the right kit.