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Safari Costume- Full Body-Tiger, CC-1042, Size S, M, L, 2-8 years old

$83.02 $67.95

I’m a tiger, woow! The best seller for Kids. Happy Halloween!

Product Description

A tiger is coming! WOW!! Your child’s imagination becomes very catty as they roar through their jungle in this beautiful children’s costume from KidInventor.

Whether you are dressing up for a theatrical or school play, romping around the house or yard, or suiting up up for Halloween, Kids Safari’s plush animal costumes will set your child apart from all others.

Soft luxury plush material with full head and open face.

Costumes come in THREE (3) Sizes measured from Shoulder to Ankle:

S = 32″ (2-4 years)

M = 37.5 ” (4-6 years)

L = 41.5″ (6-8 years)

Ships from USA in All Sizes.

Please email: for the size you choose. Thanks!


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