Product Description

The BIGGEST collection of fun-filled activities for reading comprehension!

When school is out, learning doesn’t have to stop. This big book is filled with engaging activities for 1st graders to get extra reading comprehension practice while having tons of F-U-N too.

The Big Book of Reading Comprehension Activities helps kids learn to really understand what they’re reading. Designed to give kids extra practice in key skills for their grade level, this book begins with easy lessons and advances to more challenging readings and exercises to keep your little reader’s skills as sharp as their pencils!

Inside this reading comprehension book, you’ll find:

  • 120 Awesome activities―Fun stories, crosswords, coloring, and more engage kids and make them want to learn.
  • All levels―Kids build comprehension skills as they progress from easy to medium to harder exercises.
  • Key skills―Guide your eager reader retell stories, describe main ideas, compare and contrast, and more with reading comprehension activities that support common core standards.

Make extra practice extra fun with each and every reading comprehension activity in this book.