Product Description

The entertaining and educational way to build confidence in  reading!Product InformationThe fast-paced Word Munchers Deluxe is theperfect self-directed activity for the language arts curriculum. Picking upwhere its much-loved predecessor leaves off this Muncher program utilizes aneven more engaging 3D animated game board. As students practice wordidentification sentence pletion rhyming phonics and more the peskyTroggles try to foil them at every turn. Join the Word Munchers on a wild and wacky romp through reading grammarand vocabulary! The exciting games adjustable levels and more than 6000words andproblems make Word Munchers DELUXE a destination your kids will returnto again and again. Its cool 3D look colorful animation loads of music sillysound effects and arcade action will keep your child playing for hours.And with Troggles at every turn there’s no end to the thrills and giggles!Product FeaturesOver 6 000 vocabulary words and five age-adjustable levels of difficulty allowstudents to enjoy a new game every time they play. Expanded learning topicsinclude reading grammar sentence pletion and construction parts of speechvocabulary phonics synonyms and antonyms and word association.Kids must solve a variety of reading grammar and vocabulary problemsincluding word identification sentence pletion rhyming phonics andmore. But watch out for those pesky Troggles who add an exciting twistto the game by trying to “munch” the Muncher!Skills Learned      Reading Skills. Grammar. Vocabulary. Phonics. Synonyms & Antonyms. Adjectives & Adverbs. Consonants & Vowels.Word Munchers DELUXE has no plicated rules or instructions so kidseasily understand what to do. Vocabulary games automatically adjust to the right grade level. Munch the correct answer or be munched by Troggles! Sentence pletion games help build grammar skills.  Windows Requirements 486/50 MHz or greater Microsoft Windows 95/98/