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Kid Inventors: An Educational Comic Book!

Kid Inventors: An Educational Comic Book!

KidInventor Production located in Silicon Valley has recently proudly announced the launch of their first book in the upcoming  comic series called Kid Inventors: Wonderworld Fantasies at a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The book series will inspire creativity and innovation in children and teens like never before with an aim to keep learning as interesting […]

Black Friday Sale! Free Shipping!! Happy H...

Black Friday Sale! Free Shipping!! Happy Holidays!!!

Black Friday Sale! Free Shipping!! Happy Holidays!!! Check this: Creative Electronics Kit

Best Seller: Creative Electronics Kits

Kid Inventor ® Creative Electronics Kit Series present 320 or 120 project Kits with a variety of electronics control methods to build such as a controllable fan, a sound-activated music doorbell, a radio, a light sensitive alarm, and more. On sales now: K120 Basic Kit: $29.95 K320 Advanced Kit: $49.95 See More

Special Promotion! Best Gift Idea for Kids...

Special Promotion! Best Holiday Gift for your kids! Check on-sale items on our site!

Featured Product: Fun Digital Laptop

25 Fun activities With LCD screen, directional arrows, loud speaker, volume control and mouse. Learn alphabets, math, words, music & games.

Featured Product: Suntracker

With this fascinating sky dome, kids can plot the position of the sun for any given time and date. An effective tool for illustrating Earth/Sun relationships.

Featured: Solar Oven

Solar Oven:  Gain first-hand experience with this Solar Oven. Oven has reflective surfaces that concentrate heat radiation in the central chamber, resulting in temperatures up to 350 degrees to cook your meal! Check: Solar Oven

Be A Kid Inventor!

Toys are the first learning tools for kids. Play, Learn, Innovate, Create, Invent! Be A Kid Inventor!

Hands-on Play and Learning!

Hands-on play is important for Kids to learn. Use Kid Inventor Creative Electronics Kits to make a controllable fan, a music doorbell, a sound-activated alarm, a real radio, a light sensitive beeper, a remote controlled fan, and more! Come with a color Instruction Book.

Featured: 5-in-1 Adventure Kits

Try this “Police Officer 5-in-1 Adventure-Kit“. Includes a pair of walkie-walkies, binoculars, flashlight, compass, digital watch. Good gift idea for your kids! Your kids will love it!

Featured Product: Costumes

Go out on Halloween Night in this COOL leopard costume…… On sale for $65 only before 10/31….

Costume Sale! Booo….

We have so many choices for your CREATIVE costumes, decorations, and gifts! Happy Halloween! Booo….

Featured Toy: Cash Register

Play with it. Learn how to do business with FUN!  Only $26.00 for promotion sale. Check it!

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