Vendor FAQ

FAQ for Sellers (Vendors):

KIDINVENTOR is a marketplace for all the needs of children’s cognition, education, self-learning, hands-on creation, and invention, such as toys, games, books, learning tools, lab kits, creative kits, crafting supplies, inventive materials, hobbies, educational movies/DVDs, computerized learning tools and software. Comparing with other marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, KidInventor is a specialized marketplace for children’s development with much easier setup and less costs. The membership and listing are free now if you participate in 2015! Also, we are focusing on small to medium businesses.

• What can be sold in KidInventor?
As a site mainly target to the products and services for children and minors, we tend to allow items that have positive educational, inspiring, creating, or artistic value. Please check the Product and Service categories on the site and identify your items for the best fit. If you cannot find any good fit in the existing categories and like to propose a new category, please contact to our customer service.
Used or package-opened products are allowed for sell with some restrictions:

To see what qualifies to sell on KidInventor, please read Allowed Item and Prohibited Items Policy at section 7, Seller’s Term and Conditions.

• What are the listing fee, membership fee, and costs?
Free Seller’s membership! Free listing up to 100 products for TWO years if you lists them in year 2015!
KidInventor takes only 2% low service fee of the sold price for each completed transaction.

• Does anyone under 18 years old allow to sell products or items on KidInventor?
KidInventor Terms and Conditions requires all account owners to be at least 18 years of age or have the permission and supervision of a responsible parent or legal guardian.

• Do I need a credit card or bank account to sign up?
Not necessary. To become a seller on KidInventor, you need to provide either a valid credit card or a valid PayPal Account. Seller’s registration through PayPal is available for members in certain countries. You won’t incur any charges until you sold your products.

• How do I get paid?
With Direct Checkout, buyers pay with their credit or debit card in their local currency and you receive the funds in your local currency. Here are 3 ways to get your Pay:

1. Use PayPal. You will get Instant Pay from PayPal API! All you need to do is set you PayPal account at your shop page. Note PayPal has a fee for each transaction such as of 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the amount you receive. So the payment will be the sales price plus tax, shipping fee, minus PayPal fee, and KinInventor’s 2% fee.
2. Use check payment through Invoice with KidInventor Account Payable. It requires you to set a vendor’s account with us. Because KidInventor still takes the order with PayPal pay, the PayPal fee still applies. Then KidInventor pays you with our company check. The payment normally takes about 1-2 weeks.
3. Use Bank Transfer: It requires at least $1,000 sales/week to set up. It’s only available in US at this time.

• How can I list my product and open a shop on KidInventor site?
Our user-friendly system is simple, and easy. Here is the guide:
1. Click Vendor Login icon or My Account icon to register.
2. Check “Become a Vendor” box to proceed for our approval.
3. Once we approved, you will receive an email and notify you that your account is active.
4. You can login at My Account, click Vendor on the top bar, and select the Vendor Dashboard.
5. From the Vendor’s Dashboard, you can create your store page within 15 min. Here are the steps:

• Click “Shop Setting” to set your shop. Note that your name, email, address, and website will not show to public at your shop pages. If you want your customers to contact you, please fill them at “Seller Info” or “Shop Description” below.
• Fill “Seller Info” (This is displayed on each of your products). You can put your info, such as your contact info, business bio, or your terms and policies. You can click “Add Media” to add photos or videos.
• Fill “Shop Description” (This is displayed on your shop page). You can put your shop descriptions, such as your business history, service contact info, promotions, or your terms and policies, on there. You can click “Add Media” to add photos or videos.
• Click “+NEW” to add your Product/Service or Media items at the best-fit of categories.
• Add your product description, photos, and prices.
• Add you shipping method and shipping fee.
• Click Publish.

6. You will have your KidInventor web page link for you to post to different places. Using Vendor’s Dashboard, you can add, edit, or delete your products in your shop page anytime.

7. You can review and track your sales, update delivery status, or make refund at your shop page.

• How does my account work?
Vendors have their own customize storefronts, and the products blend in with the site through the product categories and our powerful “Search” Function.
You can view live sales and daily/weekly sales reports on your backend pages. When a buyer purchased your goods, you will get Auto Notification at your email address. Then you should ship the product to the buyer and check the Shipped at Order status on the order Page. Once you checked Shipped or Processed, an email will automatically sent to the buyer.
Vendors have full control to manage their own user accounts, media, and shop pages.

• May I have my shop and products shown on the Home Page of the site?
Yes. We promote all new shops on the Home Page in first week of your grand opening. After first week, you can register your product items as a premium item to show it as Featured Products. It costs $1.00/item per month to show them as featured products on the Home Page as our promotion price. If your products sells well, the system will pick them as Best Sellers / Most Popular to show them on the Home Page.

• Can we post the same product as that the one has already offered on the site?
Yes, you can. This is a Marketplace. Anyone can sell their products with their offerings as long as they meet our terms.