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KidInventor is a peer-to-peer (P2P) Marketplace Platform specialized on the products and resources for children’s hands-on learning, talent education, and creative practices, such as toys, games, books, learning tools, lab kits, creative kits, inventive materials, hobbies, educational movies/videos, computerized learning tools and software.

This platform gives Sellers (Vendors) own storefronts where they list and sell their products for FREE! To post your products on KidInventor, simply click Account icon to register you as a Vender/Seller. Once your account established, you can login at the Vendor’s Dashboard to add, edit, renew or delete your products with simple and easy steps just like on Craigslist. To know more how to list or sells your products and services on the site, please read Seller (Vendor) FAQ.

To see what qualifies to sell on KidInventor and the terms, please read Seller’s Terms and Conditions.