35-88x76mm Newtonian Reector Telescope

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Magnification: 35x-87.5x
Aperture: 76mm (2.99”)
Focal Length: 700mm (27.56”)
Finderscope: 10x30mm (Erecting)
Weight: 8
Dimensions: 25.5″ x 5″ x 5″ (Tube Size)
Accessories: H20mm and H8mm (Erecting) eyepieces and an adjustable aluminum tripod

The Red Planet Series is a Newtonian Reflector telescope. It’s large 76mm diameter reflecting mirror

captures plenty of light for crisp, bright images and startling detail. The RP-100 features a high-

quality, heavy duty aluminum tripod and a U-Mount with slow motion controls for easy tracking of

specific stars, planets and constellations. Use the Red Planet telescopes to view the Rings of Saturn,

the Moons of Jupiter and much more.

It features a 10x30mm finder scope and two high quality eyepieces for the best viewing results. The

RP-100 includes both an H20mm and an H8mm erecting eyepiece. These erecting eyepieces keep the

viewing image right-side up which is perfect for both terrestrial and astronomical viewing.

The Red Planet line features a sophisticated and sleek design so attractive you will be proud to keep it

out all year round and it will blend nicely with any décor.



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