Blu-Tech Heli (Blue)

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An R/C Helicopter designed to run like no other – using the poweror your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone as the remote control. The Bluetooth connection requires No other attachments.  Fly it!  Full gesture control allows you to fly the heli with the tilt of the controller.  Three different modes allows users to build their skill.  Feel it and Hear it!  Force feedback delivers therumble of the rotors in your hands and increases as you go faster.  Sound effects deliver the buzz of the engine. Experience it!  The app design reflects a heli flight simulator.  Hobby grade 3-channel signal delivers controls for up-down, forward-backward, and left-right steering.  Variable speed rotors give you the real feel of flying. Multi color super bright LED spotlight can be triggered from the app.   All of these features are packaged in a high tech, light weight but super durable body.



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